Seeds of the Industry

 Memorial Day is a day in which we honor the fallen soldiers who sacrificed everything so that we can enjoy freedoms that we have today. While Memorial Day is a sobering day as we remember those lost in battle, it’s also a day we celebrate with gratitude the freedom we have as a result of their sacrifice. 
Many will dust off their grills, jump in the pool, and enjoy cookouts with family and friends. But let’s be honest, no cookout is complete until you break out the nostalgically sweet tasting watermelon. But what makes watermelons irresistible? NO SEEDS! 
      It took nearly forty years for seedless watermelon to catch on, but today it’s hard to find anyone eating it with seeds. Eating watermelon with seeds is still an option; however, you’ll probably end up with a watermelon growing in your stomach if you swallow the seed (at least that’s what my grandpa said). 
      What does this have to do with Better Car People? - We take out the seeds. Let’s be honest, picking seeds out of the watermelon is both annoying and time-consuming. We want to save you the time and effort it takes to follow-up with lead responses so you can simply enjoy the fruit! Of course, you can use an auto-responder if you enjoy self-inflicted wounds, but your results will be less than desireable.
      Our heroes in uniform sacrificed everything they had so we could experience freedom. At Better Car People, we want to give you the absolute best we have so that you can reap the benefits of an elite lead response platform. Find out how much sweeter life can be without the seeds.

      Try it. You’ll taste the difference.