Dealerships Are Missing The Mark With This One Thing

A few weeks ago, I started a journey to find the perfect vehicle for our family. As a family of five, we knew that an SUV with 3rd-row seating would be ideal (primarily so we could keep our daughter from feeding our son things he’s wasn’t supposed to eat). Unfortunately, finding time to stop by the dealership to find a car seemed unrealistic. That’s when I decided to open my laptop to begin the search for our next vehicle.

Being unsure of how to start this journey online, I googled (because that’s what everyone does) local dealerships. I then looked through the inventory of each dealership, and this is where my decision-making process began.

I couldn’t find everything I needed on-line, so I filled out an information request on almost every website I visited. I was hoping to get some answers, even though it was late at night. What I discovered was frustrating, to say the least.

Every dealership sent me a response stating the following, “Thank you for your inquiry. We will contact you as soon as we return to the office.”  Oh great, that means I get to wait 12 or more hours to get my answers (insert sarcasm).

Let me be clear on this: I HATE AUTORESPONDERS. To me, it’s like calling your cable company to discuss an issue, and you have to deal with the pesky automated voice dialing (i.e. dial ‘1’ to add service, dial ‘2’ to discuss billing, etc.) for 30+ minutes before you can finally talk to a human.

Let’s put this into perspective. If I showed up to your dealership, would you ask me to sit down and wait 12 hours before being helped? Of course not. Why? You understand that a good customer experience will increase your chance of getting the sale. Since your website is just an extension of your physical showroom, why should your online customer be forced to wait 12 hours to get their answers?

Having a great CRM can be a huge asset to car dealerships; however, one aspect of the CRM that dealerships tend to mishandle is the process of responding to their internet leads. With 40% of internet leads coming after 9 pm and on Sundays, dealerships have an urgency to take the digital lead to a personalized response the fastest.

In other words, your response time and response quality are more important now than ever. If you’re not giving the customer what they’re looking for, your competitor is just one click away.

So how can your dealership do better? Consider using BCP for Sales to handle your internet leads. Every lead is answered in less than 10 minutes, 24/7/365. And here’s the best part: every lead is answered with a model specific response using questions, photographs, brochure links, and even YouTube videos. They then have people review and customize the response before sending it back in the salesperson's name to the customer.

Respond Better. Sell More.

It’s that simple.