Is Your BDC Developing Business or Just Confirming it?

Guest blogger Deanna Haynes talks about what a true BDC is supposed to be as opposed to what it has become.

With everything I have to remember to do these days, it would be nice to have my very own personal assistant to remind me when I am due for an oil change.  Adele would be fun, but she might try to call me 1000 times!

That sticker in the upper left-hand corner of my windshield is just not doing it for me anymore.  

Even when I do remember to call and set up my oil change, it’s a hassle.  The phone rings forever, I get put on hold, or worse I get transferred to at least two different people and sometimes (which is one time too many) I get sent to voicemail!  

How is this even possible?

In a world where customer service should be priority #1 and the purchase of a new GM vehicle comes standard with free Onstar maintenance notifications, how is it possible that I am being sent to a voicemail when I call to set up a maintenance appointment?

Now let’s get back to this amazing personal assistant idea that I had.  

If the dealership I bought my GMC Sierra from keeps up with my records, why wouldn’t they call to remind me and set up an appointment for me?  Don’t they have people that do that?  Isn’t that what Onstar is for?  It seems to me this would be a no brainer for a Service Department to have an individual or a group of individuals who were solely responsible for reminding their customers to come back into their dealership to get maintenance done.  

Wouldn’t that just mean more money for the dealership?  

I’ve been told that my dealership has a BDC department specifically for the service department.  So I finally asked what the responsibility of this BDC department is (since I’ve never heard from them).  Apparently they call customers who have scheduled an appointment for service and confirm the appointment.  Maybe I am missing something, but I thought BDC stood for Business Development Center.  Which would imply they develop business, not just confirm it.  

It seems to me that my dealership’s BDC department needs some development of its own.  Maybe they could benefit from some type of training.  I think this little personal assistant idea of mine isn’t so crazy afterall.  

If there were a company (wink wink) that could show my dealership’s BDC department how to call their current customers, remind them that their vehicle is due for maintenance and set up an appointment for them I think that would be a gold mine for the dealership.  

I can’t be the only person who has had this experience trying to set up an appointment with their local service department.  Share your thoughts and experiences with me - together we can help them help us!

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