Fighting a Losing Battle?

Email Marketing

So, there are two things I love in life--like really love. Music and Connecting with People.

Music is an easy one. I grew up listening to everything from Metallica to Van Morrison. From New Kids on the Block to Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock. (Now you  know how old I am)

Music has remained a constant passion, but connecting with people is getting more difficult. Mainly because we connect via email so much more than face to face.

How does that translate to how you sell cars?

Connecting with customers has become a battle of who can answer leads the fastest and whose emails are truly engaging.

The average person sends and receives over 90 emails a day to customers and clients, yet the open rate sits at about 22.08% with a click rate of 2.40%. (

If you are hitting those averages, that’s fine, but you always want to do better. There are 77.92% of potential customers who need to hear what you have to say.

So how do you increase your open rate with emails? What can you say in your message that will prompt them to respond and set an appointment?

When I spend a ton of time crafting exactly the right email, I get super frustrated when I do not receive a response. Was it the subject line? Did it not engage the customer?

Was it the message? The tone could be off, or maybe the content was just too much.

Or maybe I wrote it quickly and misspelled words and didn’t write it in a professional manner.

If you are tired of working really hard and getting less than awesome results with your emails, here are a few tips you can try that are proven to increase email opens, engagements, and responses. And some great songs to go along with them.

Things Can Only Get Better by Howard Jones

Let’s face it. Emails are sent because we are hoping to get the receiver to get back to us. They can reply to our email or give us a call, but we want engagement! That is generally the #1 result we are looking for when I hit send.

So why should a potential customer reply when I give them All. The. Information. All of it.

It is not the purpose of the email to give them the ability to make a decision if they want to buy. The purpose of the email is to get the person interested, create a reason to contact us, and then start building that relationship.

I worked with a brilliant woman who had an excellent formula for emails. You need to keep them short, simple, and to the point. She would repeat the following formula all the time: 5 sentences or less. Tell them why you’re emailing them, what you would like them to do, how to do that, and ask an engaging  question. That question is the most important part, because if you ask the wrong question, or ask it in the wrong way, you will immediately turn the customer off.

  • Stay away from questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no.
  • Ask open-ended questions that will start a conversation.
  • Keep questions towards the end of the email. That will prompt action.

Who are you? The Who

When you email your buddy at dealership, you can be informal and fun. If you are emailing a GM or a Dealer Principal, your tone should be more formal and business appropriate. That does not mean you need to be stuffy and boring, but appropriate.

There is a big difference between “What’s Up!" and "Good Morning, Jim."

Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

If you send one email and get no response, don’t give up! You will see the highest response rates with the first email, but persistence is key. It may take a few connections to get together, but you will never reach the customer if you don’t keep trying.

Here’s An Example

Here’s an example of a quick email to a customer I recently sent out:

Hi Joe!

You recently reached out to me because you wanted to increase your closing percentages on your OnStar leads. I would love to get together to review your processes, how you are utilizing BetterAppointments for OnStar, and see what we can suggest to boost those numbers.

When is the best time to connect?

You can either respond to this email with a good time, call or text me at the number below, or click on the Book Now button to book an appointment on my calendar.

I look forward to connecting soon!


Five Sentences, a question, a call to action.

And this works.

Let’s Talk About It

  • Are your emails in need of some TLC? What do you need to do to make them better?
  • If your response rate is low, what can you implement today that will help raise that?