4 Tips to Start January Off Right

The New Year brings lots of changes in a dealership. New inventory, new sales approaches, and new initiatives.

It also brings new salespeople.

January generally has HUGE turnover in a sales force, so here are FOUR tips to keep things running at top speed when your sales guys have run off:


1. Take Control of the Email Account

Internet Lead Response

Nothing is worse than missing out on leads or prospects because you are not aware of the incoming emails. This needs to be one of the first things fixed. Have the account put in your name so that you are in control of the traffic. You will also be able to respond to clients direct them to their new contact.






2. Don't Ignore Orphan Accounts

Orphan Accounts Automotive Dealerships

As your sales team changes and shifts, opportunities and previously sold accounts get orphaned. Make sure to assign them to a new team member and have them make contact immediately! It is easy to make sure you contact the orphaned opportunities, but sometimes the orphaned owners get ignored. Don’t! Owners are service customers and future car buyers. Keep them in the contact loop as well. Have this process in place and you will have a seamless transition from one sales person to the next.




3. Pay Attention to your CRM

Automotive Dealerships and CRM

The CRM is your database for all of your current and potential customers. So it is highly important that one of the first things you do is remove the salesperson who left and reassign the prospects. This way your information is protected and your customers are cared for.





4. Don't Miss Opportunities

BDC Missed Opportunities

Make sure to tell the receptionist, the BDRs, anyone who may need to take a message or transfer a call about any salespeople leaving or new ones coming onboard. The more prepared you are, the better your dealership looks. And the fewer opportunities you miss.



Here is to a great start to 2016!