3 Ways Training Will SAVE Your Automotive BDC

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What if training your BDC employees decreased employee turnover, improved your customer satisfaction, and increased your dealership’s revenue?  Would you do it? Guest Blogger Deanna Haynes, Product Specialists with BetterCarPeople, describes why training is critical to success.



Whether you currently have a BDC or you are considering building one, it is important to make sure you are providing training that will give each of your employees an opportunity to be successful and, in turn, make your dealership more successful!

Employee Retention

I think we can all agree that there’s a ridiculous amount of employee turnover in dealerships.  

71% to be exact according to a 2015 study conducted by NADA.

A lack of proper training in your BDC is a main factor in low employee retention.

Providing your employees with training will expand their knowledge which will build their confidence, making them feel more pride in their job and more loyal to your dealership.  Retaining your best employees will save your store money and stop the revolving door that is your hiring process.


Customer Satisfaction

Obviously, the main purpose of your BDC is to generate business.  In order to keep your business growing, you need to make sure your customers are having a positive experience while on the phone with your employees. Without regular training it’s easy for employees to develop inconsistent habits that can negatively impact a customer’s experience. A strong training program can be the answer to creating a culture of consistency within your BDC and give your customers the best impression of your dealership!


Increased Revenue

So here’s the bottom line - literally. Proper training allows employees to become productive and perform better.  Trained employees have higher motivational levels and will be more focused on their tasks.  Their productivity will increase, enhancing overall profits for your dealership and boosting your training ROI.  

Keep in mind that training is a process.  You must identify what needs you have for your BDC and develop your training based around those needs.  Your employees learn at different levels so make sure the training program you choose is flexible, trackable and easily accessible!


Let’s Talk About It:


  • What training protocols have you put into place already? What has worked and what has not been successful?

  • Do you think Service BDCs need training at the same level as Sales BDCs?

  • Is time the biggest factor when it comes to in-house training?