Women in the Auto Industry: 5 Sites You Cannot Ignore.

Women in Automotive Overnight BDC

Men should read this, too!

This is an exciting time to be a woman in the automotive industry. The rise of women leaders is happening at an exponential rate, and never has there been a time with so many resources available to guide and mentor each other.

Still, women make up less than ¼ of the automotive industry, and the majority of that is clerical and secretarial.

But that is a different discussion for a different day--let’s focus on the good stuff.

Coming off the high heals of the Inaugural Women in Automotive conference, I am heading to Detroit next week for the General Motors Women in Retail conference. Many corporations and dealerships recognize the importance of women in this space and see the strengths we bring.  

This is not new, but it is exciting and getting a lot of momentum right now. So I compiled a list of resources (for both men and women) that I find helpful when navigating the automotive world of today. These are not “How to talk to women co-workers,” or “ How to relate with the emotional woman.” I think that condescension has left in the building in regards to gender.

Theses sites are empowering, factual, and researched based sites to help women in the field as well as consumers.

And this is pretty great information to share with customers and well as co-workers!

Sites to Check Out

Catalyst:The Knowledge Center

Women in the Automotive Industry

This site is definitely for the research geeks like myself. It has great statistics on occupations, work life, and longevity for women in the industry. It gives a 30,000 ft view of the landscape, with opportunities to dig deeper if you desire.

There are also some international numbers for comparison.

Women Auto Know

(Get it? Like “Women ought to…. Yeah, you get it)

This is an incredible site for both consumer and Service Department. Audra Fordin, founder and 4th generation owner/operator of a service department in Flushing, NY, built this company with the mindset of connecting women with great technicians. This is a sensitive spot with women who are responsible for getting repairs done on a car, but may have little knowledge or expertise in the area. Everyone wants to feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and safe when getting repairs. And this site provides that help.

They promise a list of dealerships who put the customer and the customer experience first.

Even if your dealership is not registered, I would check periodically as customers post reviews, comments and concerns.

The Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation

This organization, founded in 1993, has the mission to create a space where women can not only live, but succeed in the automotive industry. They offer scholarships and provide ways for women to get the education needed to move upward in their automotive careers.

There is a membership option and meetings occur with all aspects of the industry.

Definitely something to check out!


AskPatty is a great resource for anyone looking for answers to automotive questions. With everyone from Certified Mechanics to Digital Specialists, askpatty.com provides one stop shopping for wome looking for cars, looking for advice, or looking for more information.


One of my favorite go-to sites for all things automotive. I appreciate Anne Flemming’s researched approach and insightful, yet attainable articles. The His and Her reviews of articles give multiple vantage points into the particulars of the vehicle and is one section I always make sure to read.

Besides vehicle reviews, there is also dealer reviews, service reviews, blog articles, and content that your customers would love.  Check it out.

Auto Cheat Sheet:

10 Women Who Shook the Auto Industry

This site is more entertaining than anything else, but I added it because it shows the length of time and the depth of knowledge women have had in the industry for quite some time. Starting in 1886 to today, this takes you through women who had added a radically different element to the automotive industry.

And rocked while doing it.

Take Away:

If you are not familiar with these sites, and many other sites like them, you need to be. There is a lot of information out there to help guide and direct both women in automotive and customers. You want to be leading this movement, not trying to catch up!