3 Reasons Your Service Department Can't Live Without YouTube

Service BDC

How many times have you YouTubed a problem to find a solution? We have  been doing this for years--it's definitely not new or exciting. But it is really effective. I wonder how many of your service customers do a Google or YouTube search when something is wrong with thier vehicle?

ThinkWithGoogle recently completed a study where they found that of smartphone users, 91% turn to their devices for “how-to” advice.  67% of all millennials stated they could find a YouTube video on anything they wanted to learn.

That includes vehicle repair and maintenance.

It's time to leverage this at the dealership level--especially if you have not yet started this journey. YouTube is not an up and coming technology--it is one of the most trusted and used sites when gathering information and viewing tutorials. Are you leveraging this? Are you uploading how-to and educational videos to drive people to your dealership?

Here are three ways you will benefit from using YouTube in your Service Department:


As an Introduction

Service can see the biggest return when using YouTube. People are searching how to fix just about anything. Your service technicians or advisors can record a mini tutorial on how to know when it is time to get the belts checked. They can show the consumer what a worn brake pad looks like and how difficult it is to take them off (which is why they need you).

Service can also use YouTube to introduce themselves to the community, show off the service lane, or highlight satisfied customers.

This does not need to be done with a camera crew and special lighting. This can be done with a couple guys, a good phone camera, and a YouTube account.

To Increase Transparency

The biggest benefit for using YouTube in the service lane is transparency. People hate going to get their car serviced as much as they hate going to the dentist—and much of this comes from the fear of the unknown.

Are they going to tell me something is wrong when I don’t think it is? How much are they going to bill me? Did they really work THAT many hours on my car?

YouTube videos give your customer an all access backstage pass to what you are doing when you inspect and repair vehicles. How transparent is that?!

And if you are concerned about showing your customers what goes on in the lane, then you have bigger things to worry about.

The more you can post and share, the more transparent you will be.

The more transparent you are, the more confident and comfortable people will be with your dealership and your service. If you utilize YouTube correctly, you will be able to minimize or almost complete eradicate the transparency issue.

As a Marketing Approach

Finally-- this is free marketing and increases SEO for your dealership. The more content published, the more people will organically find your videos and see you as an expert in the field. Put out solid content, use smart and specific SEO, and research what your customers need to know. When you are the expert, they will seek you and your dealership out.

The bonus is the only thing it costs is a little time.