8 Elements of a Successful BDC: Part 2

8 Things Your Dealership Needs to Know Right Now

Training is important. But creating positive habits from that training matters even more. Anyone who says it's not either hates progress or hates money.

And really, who hates money?

If you want your team to move forward and your dealership to stay relevant, you need to have solid coaching that creates repeatable habits.

That is why we started talking about this last week and introduced the 8 Things you really need to do to train/coach effectively and see improvement. We are not talking about that training you had before. You know what I mean. Someone came in (or maybe you went off site), you sat in an uncomfortable chair for hours, and maybe listened to why you sucked.

That is not helpful.

Or maybe you were in charge of the training, and the team kind of listened--sort of--while on their phone, checking leads, checking facebook, and staring at the clock.

It’s not your fault. I blame distractions. And games. And the internet. And Al Gore.

Let’s talk about what is actually helpful- 8 Things that will make training relevant and help it stick better than ever before. This way you can remember the awesome tips and tools the coaches are introducing, and you can implement them back at the ranch.

This week’s edition talks about putting the right team together--Because...Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

The Right Team:

The right team is critical for your dealership.

Imagine Hans Solo without Chewbacca. Hall without Oates. Ricky Bobby without Cal Naughton, Jr.

These teams, together, created magic. Sometimes they had spats, but they always turned things around and found thier way.

You need a team with that kind of sticking power.

When you choose your team for your BDC, or your Customer Experience Team, you need to make sure that you are choosing people for their talent, skills, and attributes. Not solely on their availability and relationship with someone in the dealership.

Make sure to choose people with the soft skills necessary to be the face of your dealership. If someone gets tongue tied every time he tries to talk, the BDC is probably not the right fit for them. Choose right and choose well.


This is also ridiculously important. There is no magic dust or unicorn sitting on a rainbow that will make your BDC 300 percent more profitable.

If someone tries to sell you on that, run. Run fast and hold on to your wallet.

Training is a hot commodity right now because so many people WANT to do things the right way. Sometimes the right way is not as clear, though, and we look to professionals to guide us. There is nothing wrong with that--as long as your BS meter is not broken and you can see through it all. There are some great trainings and some that are one and done.

One and done never works. Never. Ever.

There needs to be consistent repetition and measurement. Without these in place, you don’t know what needs to be adjusted and re-trained.

And YOU need to buy in.

Yes, you--manager, director, GM--you need to believe in the training enough to support it when people complain that it is too hard. Or it is taking too long. OR that the video is boring.

Without the “top-down” approach, there will be very little buy-in from the rest of the group.

Take Aways:

  • Choose the RIGHT team

  • Choose the RIGHT Trainers/Coaches

  • Choose to Buy-In (from the top down)

Simple, right? Not always, but luckily we are here to help!


Check out next week’s post on the tools needed to help you be successful!