GM Compass Tour and BetterCarPeople: Catch us while you can!

2015 has been an incredibly busy year for BetterCarPeople--and especially for its owner and CEO, Matthew Belk. While in the midst of creating new products, renovations, and keeping up with a quickly growing business, Matthew was asked by General Motors to be a Subject Matter Expert and speak about retention and the customer experience at the GM Compass Tour.

Today, Matthew is in Novi, MI followed by Minneapolis, MN on Thursday.

The GM Compass Tour is “an interactive journey created exclusively for GM dealers and key leaders. This daylong adventure provides multiple opportunities to meet GM and Industry experts who will be on hand to share new methods to market your data and provide training for the innovative tools and processes that will help drive retention, increase sales and service, and grow your entire dealership business.”(GM) The focus is on sharing best practices, networking, and developing skills that will either make dealerships more relevant in their market or make them even better than they were previously.

The tour kicked off in Orlando on May 19th and has already had 5 stops so far. Each stop has been bigger than the last, and all have been received extremely well. The tours, starting at 7 am in the morning and lasting until about 4 pm, have been sold out and filled with everyone from General Managers, to Internet Directors, to Service Managers, to all levels of GM employees.

One of the main reasons the tour has been received so well is that the speakers are providing specific and tangible solutions to modern problems in the dealerships. The face of automotive has change drastically, and will continue to change with technology, social selling, and varied forms of communication. The GM Compass Tour is providing real world solutions to relevant concerns--and it is going incredibly well.

Matthew Belk, alongside three other presenters, will continue to travel across America throughout the summer, ending the tour in September in Las Vegas, NV. Check out the dates and make sure to register for the Compass Tour if you have not been already. Click here to sign up to be a part of the Tour.

Remaining Dates:

July 23--Minneapolis, MN

July 28--Chicago, IL

Aug. 4--Wilmington, OH

Aug. 6--Pittsburgh, PA

Aug. 12-- Baltimore, MD

Aug. 18--Teaneck, NJ

Aug. 20-- Boston, MA

Aug. 25--Santa Clara, CA

Aug. 27--Los Angeles, CA

Sept. 10--St. Louis, MO

Sept. 15--Las Vegas, NV