What Are Your Six Words?

There has been some buzz concerning the six word movement again. This is not a new concept, but one that has been revitalized recently. Basically, how would you describe yourself, your company, your product in exactly six words. It seems like it would be easy, but it is much more difficult than your elevator speech. Every word must have meaning--every word must carry weight.

How would you describe your BDC/Internet Department in six words? This is the department that you run, that you may have created, and that you set the tone for. What would those six words look like?

  • We try to make more calls
  • Internet Sales are slow, but coming.
  • Fight everyday to get leads answered.
  • I train, but phone skills suck.
  • Email, call, email, call, email, call.

Or even more interesting, how would your team describe your internet department?

  • I come to work, leave messages
  • Pick up the phone and dial
  • Scared I won’t set an appointment

The six words to describe your department should be exciting, energetic, and motivating. Your team should look at these words and get pumped for the day. But that won’t happen if the words are not true.

So…What do you need to have that high energy, skilled, motivated environment?

You need a solid core group in your BDC.

Unfortunately, BDCs fluctuate greatly in staff. People come and go for various reasons including more pay, higher job satisfaction, or a more positive work environment. Create an environment that not only rewards results, but also hard work and a positive attitude. We know appointments sell, and that MUST be the focus, but a positive work environment boosts attitude, attitude can be translated over the phone, and that positivity will create a warm, inviting and low pressure environment for potential customers. Motivate that environment, and you will see two things: 1) Less turnover. 2) More appointments.

You need excellent training for your BDC.

The BDC/ Internet Department can sometimes be an overlooked group within the dealership. They are generally on the phone, not on the floor, so training is sometimes left the the ones physically meeting the customers. Let’s train the BDC so that their skills and confidence are evident.

  • Train them on how to talk on the phone. Words are important and so is tone. The combination of the two can be an awesome tool or a lethal weapon for your dealership. Train your BDC to use positive words and create an upbeat tone that will set the customer at ease and lower the pressure.
  • Train them to leave excellent voice mails. Really, how many customers do you get on the first try? Second? The statistics say it takes anywhere from 5-8 calls to get a customer on the phone. So what is your BDC doing the majority of the time? Leaving messages. Train them on the art of an amazing, engaging, and SHORT voice mail.
  • Train them on how to ask a question and then shut up and listen. So many times we ask a question thinking we already know the answer and are armed with more information to share. Train them on the questions to ask, and then train them to listen.

Training and experience builds confidence. Train your employees, create an environment where they will want to stay, and your BDC will see success.

Take Away:

There are many things within our jobs that we cannot control or regulate. These are the non-negotiables from the tower. But, what you can generally control is who you hire, how they are trained, and how to keep them motivated. You want your six word statements to look something more like this:

  • We rock sales all the time.
  • Our BDC sets more appointments daily
  • DealershipXYZ, the highest internet close rate
  • Internet departments makes our dealership better