A BetterCarPeople Photo Essay--Mark Franklin, a GM Service Club, and Lots of Snow!

We are definitely Southerners. We love our sweet tea, our sunshine, and our flip-flops. But when we get a chance to speak at Service Clubs in the north during the winter, we get excited! The beautiful snow, the white-capped mountains, and the ice hanging from the rooftops is beautiful. (And we know we get to go home to 70 degree weather in a few days!)

Mark Franklin, our National Sales Representative who specializes in General Motors Sales and Service Leads, had the opportunity to go to Eagle Mountain this past week. The area was breathtaking, the people were wonderful, and Mark had great things to say about NH and Maine!

MF 4.jpg

The Eagle Mountain House in NH was the location for the Service Club. It looks like a image from a movie.

Another view of Eagle Mountain House

Covered Bridge in Jackson, NH--it's  like stepping back in time.

The GM Service Club was packed with Service Managers, Directors, GM Representatives. The day was filled with discussing the direction of GM service, the future,  and how BetterCarPeople can help! Mark, along with Bethany Gerry, explained BetterAppointments for OnStar and how it saves the service department time and makes them money.

GM Service Club--there was much good feedback from the people in attendance as well as the GM Reps. 

Mark had a chance to grab some pictures on the way out after the meeting. 

Overall, the meeting was a great success. BetterCarPeople's continued partnership with General Motors has been a successful one--and one that continues to grow!