Friday Feature: Overnight BDC Text Alerts!

unlock leads with Texts.jpg

Where is your phone right now? Odds are it is within arm’s reach. The majority of people (85%) keep their cell phones close by….much closer than their computer. That is why Overnight BDC offers SMS/Text Alerts that go directly to your phone. Gone are the days of having to log into a computer and craft a response to a customer. We not only send the lead directly to you, but also answer that lead as you, for you. And if the customer replies to a question within the e-mail, you will get a text of that response as well.

The only thing you are left to do is tap that number of the customer and call, which we also send you in that text.

Instead of spending too much time typing the perfect response, let us handle the first hello. And you can do what you do best; get on the phone and contact the customer!

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