Why Video Email is Not as Hard as You Think


Recently I have been writing about ways to improve and enhance your BDC. I talked about 3 key elements of a BDC and how to get your BDC to Develop Business. There is one more aspect of an effective, exciting BDC that needs to be addressed, though, and that is innovation. In a fast-paced, technologically driven world, we can no longer afford to say “This is how we have always done it.” I remember, not THAT long ago, when I was in college and used a word processor and a cell phone with the huge antenna. Now my camera, phone, and computer are all in one and fit in my pocket. Things change, and change quickly. We must be innovative in our response and contact with our potential customers. Meet them where they are, take them to the next level, and give them a reason to get excited. Communicating is key, and sending an email is generally the first way to reach out to a customer.

Stop sending our vanilla, cookie-cutter responses that do not acknowledge the customer’s inquiries, interest, or request. Sending a response telling them when you will respond is a waste of time. Let’s get innovative. Let’s change the way we do business. Here is one simple ways to shake up your responses to grab the attention of your customer to let them know you are listening.

Add Personalized Video

Don’t panic. This is not as hard as you think. The younger generation (technological natives) have spent their lives in front of a camera taking selfies and posting vines. For some of us “slightly older” people, it may seem a little uncomfortable. But like anything in life, the more you do it, the better you get. Get over the fact that you don’t like your voice or you don’t think you translate well over video. The customer will be happy because they are seeing you--they are meeting you in a way they would not have before. So, no matter what your objections, adding video to your email is going to help your business.

 Here is why this is important: People Watch Videos.


That is the percentage of people who are more likely to purchase an item after viewing a video ( according to Andrew Follett--founder of Video Brewery). Adding personal videos are simple and do not need to be overly formal. It can be a quick welcome from the sales person to the customer or a thank you for a purchase. And it is easy--you don't need a camera crew and a director. Just a cell phone or a good laptop.  Embed it, attach it--however works best. But say hello and introduce yourself.

More than anything, videos change the dynamic of the e-mail. It transforms an email from printed words to a warm, personal welcome. The customer will have a visual for their point of contact, they will hear your voice, and know who to look for when they come in. You can use the video email as an introduction, a follow up to a call or an in-store visit, or as a closure after the sale. These are all great ways to reach your potential customer, connect, and begin building that relationship.


Small changes drive big results. This one small change will make you stand apart from everyone else and make you relevant. And it does not matter the age group or status--this works for the 20 something purchasing their 1st car to the 60 something purchasing his 15th. Everyone likes to know who they are talking to. So, start building those relationships and sell some more cars!



Aimi Gundersen is an Automotive Lead Specialists, Blogger, Speaker, Educator, and a Project Manager for BetterCarPeople. Aimi has her masters in communications and her doctorate in Higher Education and Adult Learning. Her life is dedicated to making people smarter, stronger, and more efficient in any capacity of work. Contact her at aimi.gundersen@bettercarpeople.com or connect with her on LinkedIn. You can also follow her blog here.