Friday Features: Frictionless Appointment Gathering for Service


Frictionless Appointment Gathering - Let us handle your service scheduling. Our interactive tool, BetterAppointments, turns leads into appointments with a few simple clicks.

OnStar leads are growing exponentially. Luckily, you have BetterAppointments for OnStar. Not only do we answer 100% of your OnStar leads, but we help turn those leads into appointments with just a few clicks. Technology is great, but if it is not quick and easy to use, no one will interact with it. BetterAppointments is easy for your customer to navigate. When the BetterAppointments email comes into his inbox, all he has to do is open it and click a few buttons. There is no typing, no filling out forms, no vin number to get wrong. Just clicking buttons to set appointments. If the customer had the work done already, he can click a button which states that. He will also tell us where he went if it was not your dealership. If he is not interested, there is a button for that as well.

And all of this can be done in less than a minute.

Increasing customer retention is of the utmost importance. Don’t risk losing a customer to a complicated website appointment system or a busy signal on the phone. We will not only help you decrease your response times, but we will help you set appointments.

Service Managers have said we give them something no one else has ever been able to-- time. With the bulk of calling and appointment setting off of your plate, you will be able to focus on the many other tasks you have to complete during the day!

If you have not seen a customer in a while, how do you know where they have gone? With BetterAppointments for OnStar, we guide your customer in three actionable directions: 1) I need to make an appointment 2) I already had a appointment or 3) Not interested. If they choose the first, you have an appointment set. But what if they choose not to come in? Your customer will be guided to the other two buttons. They will either give you information as to where they went for the service, or tell you why they are not interested. Regardless, you have information you would have not have previously had and you can call that customer armed with information.