3 Ways Internet Leads Are Like First Dates

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you are single, you may be wondering if you will have a date on this most ridiculous of holidays. The dread alone is enough to make you want to wear black and hide inside on February 14th. Thinking of Valentine’s Day made me think of dating--especially those uncomfortable, but sometimes wonderful first dates.

Here are 3 reasons internet leads are very similar to a first date.

They Both Start Online:

Many dates today start online. If you google dating websites, there is everything from Farmer’s Only to Match.com to Tinder, to some very obscure sites. Your online profile must be attractive, inviting, and REAL. You need to make sure your web presence represents who you really are, not who you want to be or once were.

How disappointing is it when you finally meet the person and their profile picture is from 10 years ago? It reminds me of that insurance commercial… Bonjour….

Internet leads almost always originate from your website, but at the very least from images of your vehicles. Make sure you have up-to-date information, your images are realistic and current, and you are as transparent as possible with the information posted. You don’t want your customers to come into the dealership and instantly be turned off because of misinformation or outdated images. You want to build a relationship of trust.

You Are Completely Judged On Your First Impression:

Then there is the awkward initial conversation where you are instantly judged. Anxiety runs through your system as you prepare to talk to and wow your date with sparkling conversation. You cannot have a redo on first impressions, so you spend an hour preparing, getting ready, making sure you look, smell, and sound good. You feel like a rockstar when you finally meet this person and try to sell them on the idea of you.

When responding to a lead, you may feel those same emotions. Anxiety as you create the initial response or prepare to make the first call. Hopeful that the customer will like what you have to say and find it engaging enough to choose your dealership to purchase their car. Prepared as you hit send, knowing that you sent out the best personalized response to your customer and that they will fall in love with the idea of you, your dealership, and the car they are already interested in.

They May Not Always Be Fun, But Are Necessary To Moving Forward:

First dates are seldom fun--they are more nerve wracking that anything else. However, first dates are necessary to get to the second, and hopefully the sale of the idea of you. Make sure you respond to your customers’ leads with the same care, attention, and thought as you would a lead on a online dating site. These are people who took the time to say they were interested in a car at your dealership. Take that interest and turn it into a sale with excellent phone skills and inviting, engaging language and questions. Once they see you and the car--that is where the first date ends and your relationship begins.


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