Five REALLY Important Things to Think About in 2016.

Not that you NEED more customers, money or better employees...but if you do, here you go.


Overnight BDC

I hope everyone is having a strong close to 2015! When it comes down to it, you probably don’t need more customers, more money, or better employees, right?


Well, in that rare instance that there were a few “deals” that you just couldn’t seem to put together--or, you lost that one employee that, when you are alone in your quiet space, you can actually admit you wish you had done more to on.


A new year brings about reflection and self-evaluation. Am I on the right path? Am I doing the right things to push myself and those around me forward? Should I stop eating AM CrunchWraps?


Well, it’s no different in the automotive world. Things are changing at a crazy fast pace, and if you don’t adapt and change with them, you will see people passing you left and right.


Now, I am not that annoying person who cannot let anyone pass them.


I’m not saying that I speed up when someone on the right tries to get ahead of me, but…..


Life is the same. There are some things we want to think about for 2016 that, in all honesty, you should have changed in 2015. Commit to not being the same place for 2017!


Are you holding you or your team back from moving to the next level?

Most of us have had that manager/boss who did not care if we got any better. You know who I mean. The ones who say all the right things, and then disappear in their office all day.

Don’t be that person.

You are the leader of your team. Make sure that you give them all the tools they need to be successful. Train them on expectations. Be transparent with goals and benchmarks for success. If they have something to work towards, they will have something to reach for.


Is the customer experience and inner company communication your top priority?


That same manager we were talking about earlier--the one who hides--he also does not communicate well at all. Inner Company Communication sets the tone for the dealership. Poor communication leads to a divisive tone and a lack of progress because no one knows exactly what to do and why. Create a great chain of communication so that people know who to talk with and what to expect.

Customers can feel that immediately--either good or bad. So make it good.


Commit to expanding your views and become an active participant in your career movement --it’s not as hard as you think.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you see or read something new. Stay educated and on top of the industry news. Forums, blogs, and sites like DealerOn webinars, DrivingSales, DealerRefresh have the most relevant, cutting edge information out there. And where else do you have the opportunity to talk with industry experts about issues you face on a daily basis? If you are not on these sites, now is a great time to make it a habit!


If you think you’re super smart already, mentor someone. If you would like to be a little smarter, find a mentor!

This is a tough industry. So much of it is finding your way as you go along, which is why we have such a high turnover rate. You can be part of the solution! Mentor someone. Everyone has their niche--their speciality in which they could help guide others. Share your expertise. Make someone around you a little smarter. A little more confident. And MUCH more productive.

If you know where you need some improvement, seek out a mentor for yourself. Stop thinking you are weak if you ask for help. You are motivated and want to be better. There is a big difference.


Learn the technology around you instead of complaining about it. (The CRM, your website--this is what drives your dealership. Know how they run and the best way to utilize them)

The one thing I KNOW will make you more productive (and help you sell more cars) in 2016 is to know your technology. Way too many people think that the CRM is useless--they don’t enter contacts, calls, and don’t track their customer connectivity.


Your CRM, regardless of how clunky you think it is, is your best friend when it comes to contacting customers and selling more cars. Your memory will only take you so far (some further than others), and your CRM will pick up the slack when you can’t recall when you last spoke with someone, the name of their daughter, or what they have for a trade in.


Sales is relational, but the term relational has changed in the past few years. It does not only mean face to face, but also your digital relationship with customers. That is generally their first impression of you and what will set the stage. Use all of your assets (including your website and CRM) to make this as memorable as possible.


Try it for a few months. Consistently log your calls and ups in your CRM and see if it positively affects your sales.


Let’s Talk About It:

  • What is the one thing you want to change for 2016 that you can control?
  • Do you have a love/hate relationship with technology?