'Tis the Season: To Fix Your Mobile Presence

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With mobile shopping habits taking over, and online shopping higher than ever before, what does that mean for the automotive industry? Times have changed, and this season of shopping has proven that. Is your dealership ready?


‘Tis the season. And we should be thinking about cookies, and decorations, and that creepy Elf sitting on a shelf waiting for a mischevious situation to appear. (I am soooo glad my kids are too old for that. My elf would be sitting in the same spot the entire season. I would have to come up with some good lies. And I am not so hot at that).

So why is black on the mind?

Black Friday was just a few days ago, and it definitely told us something about the changing shopping habits of Americans. Including automotive shopping.


Historically, Black Friday was the opening of the floodgate for holiday shoppers. The deals, the excitement, the kitsch of it all brought shoppers out in droves to kick off the hunt for a deal, insane spending, and a few well-placed elbows. And generally, economists could gauge a spending forecast for the season based on this one day.


Well, the jingle has jangled, and for the first time Black Friday was beat out by…..Cyber Monday!

And why not? Shoppers got the same deals online as they would in the store for the most part, and could do so from the comfort of their couch while still digesting their turkey and pecan pie (I’m not a fan of pumpkin).

Now, you may be thinking “Why do I care? People still need to come on-lot to purchase a car!”


Here is the reason.


Black Friday spending went down approximately 3%. (National Retail Federation)


Cyber Monday spend was up by 15%. (Time)


People are, and have been, shifting their purchasing process to online, and that does not exclude the automotive industry. The road to the sale is so completely different than ever before, and for us to ignore the web and mobile is to ignore the majority of our customers.


Here are a few facts that should convince you that your website MUST be mobile friendly now:


  • 50 percent of your customers have already done their research, know every aspect of the car, and really just want to come in and purchase it from you. (Google Digital Auto Shoppers Study)
  • 69 percent of shoppers who used YouTube while shopping were influenced by it.
  • 1 in 3 shoppers who used their mobile device as a part of the purchase process located and/or called a dealership from that mobile device. (thinkwithgoogle)


Your customers are using mobile more than any other technology to find you, to get directions to your store, to call you, and to research the desired car. And with the average  consumer only visiting 2 dealerships before purchasing, why would you ever take a risk with your web presence?


If we can learn one thing from this season, besides the fact that Black Friday is fading away, it is that shoppers have shifted. Shopping on mobile is the new norm, and your web presence must be ready. 56% of automotive shopping during the weekends happens on mobile--probably while they are in your dealership shopping the best local deals!

Make Sure Your Website is Responsive.

What is responsive? It is not creating a separate mobile site.

Responsive means the site responds to any device-tablet, PC, laptop, smartphone.

“Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.”- Jeffrey Veen

Responsive is not a nice addition to your digital presence. It is a necessity.

Clean It Up!

Review your site and omit the clutter, the annoying noises, and the distracting floating heads that get in the way. Create an experience that shoppers want!

Let’s Talk About It

  • What does your website look like on mobile?
  • Do you agree that online has taken over the majority of the car buying experience?
  • Have you invested in a responsive site? If so, have you noticed a difference?
  • Do you hate Elf on the Shelf as much as me?