Digital Dealer 19: Vegas Style

Guest blogger Aimi Gundersen takes a moment to recap her experiences at Digital Dealer 19.


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As I waited for my Red-Eye out of Vegas at 12:40 am, I had a little time to ponder my experiences at Digital Dealer 19. This was my second DD, and my first time presenting. It was exciting, exhausting, and invigorating. Digital Dealer is that shot in the arm to get you motivated and stay on top of this ever-changing industry.


To say that Digital Dealer 19 was a success would be a huge understatement. Thousands of people gathered in Las Vegas to discuss current trends, issues, and best practices in the automotive industry. (And possibly win a little money on the side.)

We (Better Car People) loved talking with everyone who stopped at the booth or went to see Tiea Roper and my presentation on Retention, Culture, and Customers. And we are looking forward to continuing those conversations!

I tried to whittle down our whirlwind time, but here are my Top Takeaways from DD19:


Great content from Industry Leaders:

There were over 100 speakers discussing everything from SEO, Social Media, and Digital Marketing to Millennials, to Best Practice with Processes on both the sales and Fixed Ops side. There was literally something for everyone, and all could find something of value to bring back to the dealership.

Grant Cardone led off the conference with his keynote on Social Media. Famous Rhoads, from AutoNation, closed us out with a discussion on meeting customer expectations. In between were engaging panel discussions with industry leaders such as the dynamic duo of Jennifer Briggs and Bobbie Herron discussing Digital Marketing with Shaun Raines and Greg Gifford of DealerOn.  


Access to cutting edge technologies and best practices:

Right when you think you know most everything going on in the industry, there are new technologies evolving to meet the ever changing needs of the consumer. Walking around vendor ally was like walking through a maze of innovation and best practices. There were tons of vendors ready to talk about their products and how they help the industry. There was definitely a focus on Digital, with lots of buzz about managing your social media and online presence.



The networking was unbelievable. I have only been in this business for about 2 years, and I met more industry leaders--and had more conversations with industry leaders, than I could have imagined. They were welcoming, intelligent, innovative, and ready to share their knowledge. These connections are invaluable, I learned things to put into play immediately. Absolutely loved it.



Sometimes it is hard to justify time out of the dealership/office. But when that time is used to educate, better oneself, and get incredibly motivated, it is worth it. Make sure to check out the next Digital Dealer--get it on the calendar and plan to attend.