New York and New Jersey GM Service Club Meetings

   Paul LeMay and Mike Kotek

Paul LeMay and Mike Kotek

Mike Kotek represented Better Car People at the New York and New Jersey GM Service Club Meetings. He did an exceptional job representing the Better Car People Team! We wanted to give a huge shout out to Paul LeMay for inviting us to attend the meeting and being such a gracious host, without his support we wouldn't have been as successful as we were!

Mike Kotek is one of our National Sales Managers and he does an amazing job demonstrating the benefits of Better Appointments for OnStar. Better Appointments is an entirely new approach to optimizing OnStar service notifications, it provides the customer with an easy to use scheduling process and it provides customers an opportunity to select different services or parts that they may be interested in receiving for their vehicle. Better Appointments was developed as a way for customers to schedule appointments without ever having to fill out a form, it simplifies the serve appointment process for the generation who likes conducting business via their smart phone. More importantly, Better Appointments was designed to help dealerships make additional revenue.

Better Car People’s mission is to reach out and engage existing customers, new customer, and to solicit feedback and interest in Better Appointments, well, Mike Kotek did just that by signing up a new record number of deals for a Service Club Meeting.

Since release, Better Appointments has gained new customers at a rapid rate, in just over 6 months an additional 500+ products have been installed into dealerships and the success stories received from dealerships have been amazing! The Better Car People team strongly believes in and stands behind its products and we want everyone to know about them.

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