The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year….”

That song, while beautiful, always seems slightly ironic to me. It is a wonderful time of year--the decorations, the wonderfully bad for you food, the parties… is enough to keep you constantly busy.

Internet leads don’t realize you are at a holiday party or shopping for presents. They don’t care. (they are inanimate, so that could be part of it…..) All the lead knows is that it needs to be answered. As a dedicated Internet Manager, Director of E-Commerce, or BDC Manager, you know those leads need to be answered in less than 10 minutes. And not with an autoresponder.

How is that possible during the holiday season?

Overnight BDC.

BetterCarPeople created Overnight BDC for people like you. People who know the value of leads--especially the ones which come in after hours or on weekends. Overnight BDC will answer your leads 24/7/365 or whenever you want to switch us on. But we don’t only answer the lead--we answer it with live people. We create a customized, professional, engaging response to every individual inquiry. Each response will be answered as you, for you with images, value propositions, engaging questions, welcome videos featuring the individual salespeople, and very specific call to action directions for your potential customer. Overnight BDC also gives you the tools to customize anything within the response. You can add pricing statements, your own personal value propositions--the sky's the limit.

And we do this all in under 10 minutes.  

Busyness is inherent in this season. We do want to slow down and enjoy the moments, but there just aren’t enough hours in a day. So when you add working in a industry with a selling cycle that never turns off, it only adds to the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Imagine a date night, a party, a Christmas Eve, a New Year’s Eve, or any night without having to worry about an initial response.  A night without your phone buzzing or having to log into your CRM. Imagine a Monday morning with all of your leads answered and organized. All you would need to do is call the customer.

Would you sell more cars?

Would you have more time?

It is not too late to enjoy the season. Contact us to see how we can not only change your end of the year, but your 2015 as well! Until then, hum your favorite carol while you finish sending those emails!