New Year--New Monday

I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Mostly because I constantly break them. I put thought into them, make an effort to better myself through them, and then consistently break them.

I mean, really--who tries to give up coffee? Failure was inevitable.

There is one thing I DO find useful in this seemingly pointless activity, though. The thinking. The analyzing of the past year to evaluate what was effective and what needs to be changed.

I talk with many people whose sole job is to make sure all leads are responded to. Whether they are responsible for responding to the leads in a timely manner, or providing an excellent response, many of them say the same thing when talking about one thing they would like to change.

Monday Mornings.

Monday Mornings. I don’t  know many people who love Mondays. The phrase alone is enough to make you turn around and climb back under the covers. You know that you have a ton of work to do to catch up on the weekend leads--you need to organize and distribute, answer the leads, follow up with calls, and log everything into your CRM. All while answering the new leads coming in all day long. One BDC Manager from Delaware told me it takes her about 2 hours every Monday morning to sort and answer all of the incoming leads from the weekend. That is in addition to answering them on Friday night and Saturdays during the day. And that is just the normal work week.

Add in a few holidays like Christmas and New Years, and your schedule can become completely crazy.

So, for 2015, let’s vow to make Mondays more bearable.  Here are a few tips to help you to walk in Monday morning like a boss.

  • Answer the leads as they come in. Yes--as they come in. I know it seems impossible, but it can be done. And it can be done without taking away your personal life, weekends, or family time. There are great products which can help you with this (BetterCarPeople has an unparalleled Overnight BDC service at a ridiculously low price) and allow you to walk in on Monday with all of your leads responded to with an initial custom built, engaging, professional e-mail.
  • Turn off your autoresponder. I have talked about this at length previously. No matter how amazing a template from an autoresponder, they can do nothing more than tell your customer information they can get online and that you are away from your desk. They can not read the lead, respond to questions, and engage your customer in conversation. Autoresponders can actually hurt your chances of getting a customer on-lot. Turn it off.

  • Have a plan for your new found Monday morning time. With your leads answered, you will be able to walk in Monday morning, make sure the leads are distributed, and begin calling your customers. An e-mail alone will not sell a car--a person on the phone can sell the car. Get off the computer and get on the phone.

Take a moment before the New Year to analyze 2014. What needs to be modified to help you continue on your path to increased success?  I am definitely ready to make some changes for 2015. How we see these changes through will be what defines our future in the industry.