Better Car People and ContactAtOnce! Have Partnered


We have some very exciting news to share! Better Car People and ContactAtOnce! have partnered to allow the use of chat with our core products ONBDC for sales and Better Appointments for OnStar.  We have also integrated it into our website for use by our national sales team.  


ContactAtOnce! is a live chat software provider that works primarily at the dealership level as well as in other industries such as real estate. ContactAtOnce! considers themselves to be “the Automotive Chat Leader” and we agree. They were also voted as the #1 rated chat provided by dealers.  According to ContactAtOnce!, while using their service, “25% more car shoppers will contact your sales team.”

Dealerships now get a combined service, both Better Car People and ContactAtOnce, at no extra cost. The services integrate seamlessly to provide an even better response for dealers. Dealerships now have yet another way to connect with their customers. In the first response, sent by Better Car People core products, a “chat” with dealer prompt can now be incorporated for those who have ContactAtOnce.

Better Car People’s 360 partner account with ContactAtOnce! also allows us to use their chat function on our business site for our sales department. We want visitors to our site to be able to access our products with ease. Better Car People is also listed on the ContactAtOnce site as an approved partner.

We are continuing to test and look at ways to integrate the live chat option into even more of our core products. Products like, Overnight BDC for Sales and Overnight BDC for Service. That provide a compelling first response to dealerships’ Internet leads and stop the manufacturer’s clock. The first response, sent by Better Car People, improves contact ratio and helps to engage more customers. Better Car People uses real people and cutting edge technology to respond to over 200,000 leads per month, with an average response time under 10 minutes. For more information on ContactAtOnce, visit: For more information on how to integrate Better Appointments with ContactAtOnce, please call (855) 448-4219.