Introducing BetterAppointments


Introducing the latest product to join the Better Car People portfolio, Better Appointments. We have developed BetterAppointments as a new approach to answering OnStar service leads. This product gives OnStar customers the opportunity to book an appointment at their preferred dealership without having to fill out a single form.

The process begins when an OnStar notification is sent to a customer through BetterAppointments, the customer is provided with an available service appointment time and date, at their preferred dealerships service department. If that date and time doesn’t work, the customer can choose from other appointment times with just a few clicks.  During the process BetterAppointments provides opportunities to upsell service specials and OnStar customers are able to provide feedback to the dealership via satisfaction surveys and competitor experience surveys.  

Over a five month pilot program with GM, BetterAppointments has been tested and designed so that it is compatible with tablets and smartphone devices. BetterAppointments also has a click to call feature which gives users the ability to call directly to the dealership if they have a question. This product will free up the dealership’s service department and it will increase engagement opportunities with the customer. As a part of the development and testing phase of BetterAppointments, we saw a 12% increase in engagement with OnStar customers.

Currently, the product is $298 per month with a one time setup fee of $298, this includes BetterAppointments and our signature OvernightBDC for Service product. Give us a call at (855) 448-4219 or email for more information on BetterAppointments.