BetterCarPeople is iMR Turnkey Approved


BetterCarPeople is excited to announce that we have been approved as an iMR Match turnkey vendor for our sales & service OvernightBDC products.  If you are a GM dealer, then you are now able to use iMR (in-market retail) funds for Better Car People services. “Adding OvernightBDC is truly a win-win situation for both the dealership and the sales & service customer,” said BetterCarPeople's Co-Founder & Director of Operations, Chris Martinez. “Dealerships win because OvernightBDC has proven to increase the contact ratio with dealerships and, ultimately, sales. Consumers win by being able to get a fast, content rich response to their online request. We’re honored that General Motors has approved BetterCarPeople and our core products”

BetterCarPeople provides your dealership’s ideal first response to Internet sales and service leads. We use real people and current technology to send out a content rich first response that engages customers, turns off the manufacturers clock and logs the response in your dealership’s CRM. On a monthly basis, BetterCarPeople responds to over  100,000 customers with an average response time of under 10 minutes.  We continue to improve our product offerings and expand our company.

Now, dealers across the nation can utilize their iMR match funds to help cover the monthly cost of BetterCarPeople’s OvernightBDC services. Our services help answer your dealerships internet sales and service leads 24/7/365.

General Motors only approves select vendors for their iMR program. In order to be accepted as a turnkey vendor in GM’s iMR program, you must be committed to providing participating dealers with quality products and superior customer service. We are honored and excited to be amongst those chosen as a supplier of the iMR turnkey.  

GM affiliated dealers taking part in the iMR program seeking to add OvernightBDC should visit to request more information and request a demonstration.