Better Car People Goes to Canada

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The Great White North received a special visitor from BetterCarPeople during two weeks of March. Our founding partner Matthew Belk was invited by SCI Marketplace and Toyota of Canada to help put together a training curriculum for their over 250 dealers.  The focus of the training was on dealerships internet sales follow up processes and how to increase online sales. A fast response is absolutely a must in the car business. This holds true in Canada as it does here in the states and it was a key part of Matthew’s training. Our core product Overnight BDC fits in well with this process and was mentioned once or twice.

While in Canada, Matthew toured multiple provinces to include Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Vancouver. He met with dealer principals to talk about improving vehicle sales online and sharing best practices.  Canada is in the process of gearing up for an internet explosion due to online automotive consumer activity. Canadian customers do not engage the dealerships in the same way as customers in the United States but they will be soon. In fact, Canada is more connected than the United States.  As 80% of all canadians are online. In addition, 90% of car buyers research online before buying a car.

Matthew said that he was impressed by how intuitive and forward thinking the dealer principals were. He enjoyed the conversations and brainstorming sessions that took place at each stop he visited. Toyota dealers of Canada are now one step closer to being better prepared for an increase in internet traffic. As a result, customer experience will be improved and profitability will increase.

Matthew has been asked to return to Canada, in the upcoming weeks, in order to continue training Toyota of Canada dealers. BetterCarPeople is excited about this opportunity!