2012 Office Holiday Party

Our 2nd Annual Holiday Extravaganza was held in the BetterCarPeople office on December 21st of 2012. Even though we had already had our company holiday party, we wanted to celebrate with the full-time office staff again. Now a tradition, we planned to have an office wide lunch and a Secret Santa gift exchange. We pondered various catering options, as we were bored by the standard options of pizza, subs, bbq, etc. A wild and crazy thought crossed our mind and it stuck. We had the awesome idea to have a shrimp and oyster boil. Our office manager had all of the supplies for larger catering events and is an excellent cook. She purchased all of the goodies including shrimp, oysters, potatoes, corn, and sausage and set to work. Although lunch was slightly delayed due to the wind, the feast that much more enjoyable because people were that much more hungry!

Tasty additions to the low country boil included meatballs, sausage dip, veggies, chips and salsa, peanut butter cookies, pound cake and coconut chocolate bars.

Earlier in the month, employees had drawn names, at random, to assign secret santas. After our massive feast, while we all sat in food comas, gifts were exchanged. I guess you really get to know  your coworkers, after spending so much of your day with them, because really neat gifts were given. Everyone involved was stuffed with food and pleased with the gifts they received.

It was so nice being able to celebrate the holiday season with our coworkers, the day before the holiday break. With our OvernightBDC service, we answer your dealerships’ online sales and service leads whenever you need them to be. This includes 24/7/365 if necessary. Although members of our support team and quality assurance team were still working over the holidays, to ensure that your leads are answered, they were still able to enjoy time with their families and loved ones.