Now Offering HTML Formatted Responses for Sales and Service

Better Car People, the home of Overnight BDC, is happy to announce the availability of HTML (i.e. images and live links) formatted  lead responses.

Since creating our core product, Overnight BDC, multiple dealers have approached us and inquired about our ability to include HTML and images into their response templates. The dealerships saw this as an opportunity to further promote their brand and to incorporate our response into their overall process. We are excited to report that we have integrated this into our system, as part of our Overnight BDC product for sales and service lead responses, at no additional charge.

Since its release, many car dealerships have used this option to add a header or footer to their email response. Multiple dealers have also added a head shot of the main contact from the dealership. This HTML option provides the ability to create structured responses by denoting text such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items. The capacity for dealerships to use HTML responses is based on the dealership's CRM capabilities and the option of the dealership hosting the image they would like for us to use.

Better Car People always takes our customers' feedback, concerns and suggestions into consideration during product development. We continuously strive to improve our product in order to offer the best service for your dealership.

Please contact Better Car People, in Monroe NC, for more information about adding HTML and images into the email lead responses for your sales and service departments. Our support team can be reached at 800-691-8820 or you can also email an inquiry to support@bettercarpeople.