A Video in the Making


During the month of April, our own Matthew Belk and Big Ring Interactive video guru Gio, traveled from Monroe, NC to Boston, MA for a very exciting reason! The two were scheduled to meet with Darrell Fisher, the Service Director for Lannan Chevrolet of Lowell in Massachusetts. This meeting transpired because General Motors (GM) contacted Better Car People and informed us that at one point Lannan Chevrolet of Lowell had the worst response time in their zone. Lannan Chevrolet then became a Better Car People client and within two months the dealership was  #1 in GM for service lead conversion. They had the most leads resulting in some kind of business for service. Talk about a turnaround!

We then contacted the dealership to see what, if any, additional techniques were being implemented in addition to using our OvernightBDC product. We decided that this story would make a great video testimonial. Matthew and Gio took a field trip and went to visit with Darrel at Lannan Chevrolet.

According to Darrell,  because Better Car People‚Äôs service lead responses offer an immediate appointment, customers responded favorably. The responses generated a lot of calls from customers confirming or rescheduling their appointment. More customer contact, means more conversion! One neat thing Lannan Chevrolet does is give every person who buys a new or used car, at the dealership, a present. The new car owners are walked to the service department and given a box that contains an oil filter for their first oil change. The trip was a great success.

We are currently editing the video testimonial now, so keep an eye out for the final product!