The GM eSummit gives us a chance to meet our customers


Better Car People always enjoys meeting its customers and this year’s GM eSummit tour is going to be a great opportunity to do just that.  Recently at the GM eSummit we attended in Dallas, TX. one of our current client came up first thing in the morning and was telling us how much he loved Overnight BDC and how he has his life back. No more waking up at 2:00 AM to answer a lead or better yet 60 Hand Raiser leads.  He also let us know how much he liked the morning report. This gave him a quick reference to all his resent leads. Just then he remembered he didn't update his schedule to accommodate that he was going to be at the General Motors eSummit all day. At his store they are on a schedule and use us during times when the store is closed or during holidays.  We then simply logged in the system and manually changed the times to watch his sales leads all day while enjoyed his sections at the eSummit. To learn more about Overnight BDC and how it can help you and your store with a fast quality response to sales and service inquiries, visit or call (800) 691-882.