Overnight BDC is your After Hours Lead Response Management Solution

Better Car People and its Overnight BDC is your GM after hours leadresponse specialist. Our technology combined with real people is second to none. We offer our Chevrolet Buick GMC and Cadillac clients the best lead response in the industry today. We can do the same for you starting for as little as $299 per month with no setup fee.

Our Overnight BDC


is integrated with over 26 different CRM / ILM systems. It will turn off the manufacturer's clock and log the email response in your CRM. Your Internet sales person will get a copy of our response to the customer and a daily report can be sent out to as many people as you like.

Do you need help when responding to inquires at uncomfortable times? Let Better Car People and Overnight BDC handle it for you! Put our trained and experienced representatives to work for you!

As consultants we worked and trained car dealers across the US and know the importance of a fast quality response. Don't put your employees through the all night long drudgery of wondering whether they missed a lead or not.

Our average response time is under 10 minutes and we can customize our schedule around yours. We are General Motors' leading provider for a Sales and Service inquiry response solution. Call us to find out more information today at (800) 691-8820 or visit us at www.bettercarpeople.com

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