GM eSummit 4.0 Houston & Dallas, TX

We are looking forward to the Texas eSummit's this week.  Better Car People has a large number of dealers in the state of Texas and we know there are a number of them that don't use our full line of products.  As always our core product, Overnight BDC, is leading the way for our dealerships, and Overnight BDC for the Service department has been gaining strength all summer too.  With our service product, dealers have been able to take control over Internet lead requests on the fixed operations side now more than ever. Our highly trained quality assurance representative act as the dealership staff when you are unable.  We can set a tentative appointment for the store or let them know we will be confirming their scheduled service appointment by phone shortly.  For our Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac dealers, Better Car People will also send out an email for your GM OnStar notifications.  This has been most helpful in getting business into the dealership.

GM eSummit 4.0 2011 tour dates:

St. Louis, MO - 8.18.2011

Houston, TX - 8.23.2011

Dallas, TX - 8.25.2011

Atlanta, GA - 9.8.2011

Greensboro, NC - 9.13.2011

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 9.15.2011

Boston, MA - 9.20.2011

New York, NY - 9.22.2011

Baltimore, MD - 10.11.2011

Pittsburgh, PA - 10.13.2011

Detroit, MI - 10.18.2011

Minneapolis, MN - 10.20.2011

Chicago, IL - 10.25.2011

Columbus, OH - 11.3.2011

Los Angeles, CA - 11.8.2011

Phoenix, AZ - 11.10.2011

San Jose, CA -  11.17.2011

If you are going to be attending any of these upcoming eSummits, come hear all about Overnight BDC and our service response program.  You can also visit or call 888-620-1920 to talk to a sales associate.