Using "Facebook Deals" for your business

Facebook recently launched "Facebook Deals" for places pages on Facebook. Please note that this is only for the "Facebook Places" pages and does not work for business pages, personal pages or groups, so refer to our post on How to Claim your Facebook Places Page in order to make sure you have one and it is verified. During first launch (beta) Facebook is only giving this functionality to a select set of businesses. (many car dealerships are part of this preview!) Types of Facebook Deals that you can use:
  1. Individual Deals (one-time deal: launch of new product, gift with purchase, excess inventory, etc.)
  2. Loyalty Deals (reward loyal customers who have a certain number of check-ins)
  3. Friend Deals (group discounts for a group of a certain number of people)
  4. Charity Deals (example: we will give $1 per check-in to charity xyz)
How to create your Facebook Deal:
  1. Choose your deal type
  2. Define your offer
  3. Specify run dates and restrictions
  4. Promote your deal (post your deal on your Facebook business page wall and share it with all of the people who like your page as well as your friends on your personal page.)
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