Monitor your dealership with Google Realtime

Ever wanted to know what people were saying about your dealership or business in real time as it happens? Google just released Google Realtime that scours the social web for anything that people are saying about your dealership. Whether people are checking into your business using Foursquare, talking about you on Twitter, blogging about you, checking in with Facebook, or even posting a review of your business online, all of these show up on a convenient timeline for at-a-glance viewing. Google Realtime even updates the page automatically when a new post happens. We did a little test by searching for Better Car People and used quotes around our business name in order to return searches that had the entire business name in them. This is what we found: Try Google Realtime Let us know what you find. If you find some things that are unfavorable, let us know. We help fix those through our Reputation Management service for dealers. For any other questions or requests, contact us.