How to monitor your dealership with Google Alerts

You have too much going on in your dealership to pay attention to what people are saying about you on the internet, right? Wrong. Google Alerts is an easy way to keep an eye on what is said about your dealership online.

Setting up Google Alerts is EASY:

  1. Go to you have a gmail account, it is helpful to login first so that you can modify your alert later)
  2. Enter your dealership or business name into the Search Terms field.(TIP: put quote marks on each side to isolate only alerts about your dealership name. Example: “Independence Mitsubishi”
  3. Leave the drop down menus alone and enter your email in the bottom box then click “Create Alert”
  4. IMPORTANT: check your email and click on the link to approve your Google Alert. If you neglect to approve the alert, it will not be sent. (TIP: if you no longer want to receive alerts, each alert message has a link at the bottom where you can turn them off)

You can also setup Google Alerts to appear in your eReader or Google Reader. This is helpful so that the Google Alert emails do not clutter your email box. Of course, this only works if you check your eReader often. We also routinely use Google Alerts with our Reputation Management and Social Media Management services so that you can keep tabs on what we are doing for your dealership.

For more information about Google Alerts or any of our other services, contact us.