Check in your business with Facebook Places

Facebook has recently released the ability to check-in to business locations with “Facebook Places.” This can be a very lucrative opportunity for your business or dealership. If you haven’t heard about Facebook Places, it is very similar to Google Places where your customers can “tag” your business in their Facebook wall post and indicate that they are either at your place of business, like it, or plan on going there.

Here are a few simple steps from the Facebook Help page that will allow you to verify your Facebook Places page and start using it for your own marketing.

  1. Search for the Place on Facebook you wish to claim as your business. If no Place exists for your business, you can create a new Place. (if you are adding your business from a PC/mac, you can use this link:
  2. Once you locate the Place for your business, click the “Is this your business?” link at the bottom of the Place. (if you can’t locate your business, just click “add.”) You will have to fillout your business location information. Important: There are 2 methods of verification. You can verify your listing with a company email address that matches the company website domain name or you can verify by scanning or photographing a utility or phone bill with your business address on it.
  3. Complete the step-by-step verification process to claim your Place.

Alternately, you may see a notification like this on your Facebook Business Page asking you to verify your Facebook Places page:

*Facebook would like us to know: Please keep in mind that only official representatives of a business can claim the Place on Facebook. Click here to learn more about the benefits of using Facebook Places for your business.

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