Reputation Management and Social Media Management

Reputation Management:

  • Over 90% of your customers research online before contacting your business.
  • 3rd-Party reviews speak louder than any advertising that you can pay for.
  • Review sites naturally rank highly in search engine results.
  • Online customers see these reviews when they search for directions to your business.
  • Reviews last forever. The most effective way to remove them is to bury them with good reviews.

Our Process:

  • We scour the web for reviews about your business
  • We identify the reviews sites that are hurting your business.
  • We create, manage and contact customers and bury any bad reviews with positive reviews.
  • We monitor your online presence for any changes and notify you when a bad review has been posted. This allows you to contact these people and rectify the relationship. Bad reviews CAN be removed by the person who posted it.
  • We repeat this process monthly in order to completely bury any bad reviews.
  • We help display your maps listing above your competition. Maps/reviews sites with more reviews show up at the top of search engine results.

Social Media Management:

  • Fastest way to spread information online.
  • Naturally high results in Search Engine results.
  • Search Engines crave lots of text.
  • A blog is the single most effective platform for driving visits to a business website.
  • Twitter is the fastest social platform in the world and gives the most referral traffic of any social network.
  • Facebook regularly shows up on the first page of search engines for your name. Control your first page.

Our Process:

  • Build up your social profiles. If you do not already have a Blog, Twitter and a business Facebook page, we will create and manage them for you.
  • We have a team of content writers that write High Quality articles and post them regularly to all of your social sites.
  • Each article is customized to your target market and can be used to aggressively target your competition.
  • Back-links are dynamically added to each article that link to your inventory and quote pages to generate Leads.
  • Watch as we take over the first page of Search Engine results for your name, your target cities, and eventually your competition.