How to get good positive reviews online

  1. Take the reviews that you already have seriously.
    Don’t sweep the reviews that you have under the rug. Consider the reviews as constructive criticism so that you can build a better business. While most of the bad reviews that are written are from misunderstandings or someone just having a bad day, this can be prevented and learning can come from the experience. Make sure that those who give you good reviews know that they are appreciated.
  2. Ask for reviews.
    Don’t be afraid to ask customers for their opinion. After a relationship has been made encourage customers to make a note of their experience and provide them with avenues to do so.
  3. Build strong social web presence.
    Be social. Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are the most effective web optimization platforms available. Twitter of these three sends the most traffic back to your site via links. Facebook is great for creating a community of people who like you and it becomes a captive audience that you can market to. A well constructed and continually updated blog is by far the most effective way to optimize your website for keywords on search engines.
  4. Respond quickly to bad reviews (Don’t argue with negative reviewers)
    Resist the urge to fire back and people who give you a bad review. Don’t be degrading. Acknowledge that the situation is very real in the eyes of the customer even if it seems trivial or an obvious misunderstanding.
  5. Reach out to negative reviewers directly.
    Most review sites display the name or “handle” of the reviewer allowing the business-owner to address the reviewer directly. The reviewer has full control over his or her review and can remove it if prompted or if the situation is resolved. The reviewer may also choose to update their bad review with a glowing description of how the matter was resolved.
  6. Make it easy for customers to review your business.
    Many of your customers just don’t know where to go to say something nice about you. Providing links to your review pages and little reminders of where they can express themselves (and let them know that you are listening!) can make all the difference. When your customers know that you care about what they have to say, they will be more willing to write reviews.
  7. Go the extra mile
    Good service is expected. Exceptional treatment is not and will surprise even the most callous customer. When having such an experience, good reviews will surely follow.
  8. Never pay for reviews
    Bribery is not a good option. Trading services or money for good reviews is frowned upon in every industry. Many companies have fallen into PR disasters because of this. The best policy is honesty.
  9. Check Google frequently
    See what your “first page of Google” looks like on a regular basis. The face of the web is constantly changing. New review sites pop up all the time and take advantage of these to sculpt your online reputation.