Digital Dealer: Silent Killers - Good Money Wasted Online

Silent Killers
True stories of good money wasted online and how avoid them yourself

We will examine where dealerships have received no return from online initiatives and how to keep from following in their footsteps. The audience will decide which topics we go over using interactive text during the session. Topics include horror stories from SEM, SEO, web sites, banners, used car advertising, e-mail leads and others. Learn from other dealers. Don’t let these mistakes suck your profits dry.

Matthew Belk is an automotive change agent. His job is to take sometimes complex technology and theory and communicate it in a way that will help sell more cars. He is chief of ideas with Better Car People where they find innovative, cost effective ways to help dealers navigate the online jungle.

With over 15 years experience in the automotive industry, Belk draws significant knowledge from his 11 years with the Hendrick Automotive Group, one of the nation’s pre-eminent dealer groups. Charged with heading up Hendrick’s eBusiness initiative, in 2007 alone, Belk helped drive an unprecedented 27,000 e-business sales.

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