Better Web People - Reputation Management and Social Media

How does it feel to see a negative review about your company? What about when it is on the first page of a Google search on your own name? Would you like a team to constantly monitor your name on the Internet? Do you want great social media content post under your name?

Better Web People is an Online Reputation Management and Social Media Content service. We help you monitor the web so you know how you are represented online. We then implement a strategy to keep the great information about your company at the top of your customer’s searches.

  • Monitor
    • We set up third party traffic and alert services to let you know what is really happening with your online reputation.
  • Reviews
    • We increase the number of good reviews for your business online.
  • Business Profiles
    • We help you “own your name” on review and listing sites.
  • Blog and Social Media
    • We provide fresh search engine friendly content that with help you rank up.
  • First Page Saturation
    • We will increase the number listings you have on the first page of a Google search for your name. The more times you show up the less other profit off of your name.

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