OvernightBDC now offers Service Responses

Overnight BDC for your Service & Parts Department. There are several benefits for your dealership to use our system to address your service leads. As with all leads handled by Overnight BDC, your customers can be responded to quickly, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year by real people reviewing each service lead. We respond to over 80,000 customers a month and our average response time is less than 10 minutes.

Specifically for your service inquiries:

  • Your customer will get a personal response from your service staff
  • Your customer with receive a specific time to discuss the service inquiry if you desire
  • We will change up the response based on if the lead is from OnStar or your website
  • We will provide the customer with the extensive benefits of your service department
  • Clearly supply the customer with their next step to use your department
  • Give your staff time to review and offer additional instructions to the customer
  • The point is to provide a consistent, relevant, and prompt response to your service customers 24 hours a day that will increase conversion and customer satisfaction. You can expect the same quality service that our 500+ dealerships experience now for only an additional $50 per month.

Thanks again and if you have any immediate questions please email or give me a call.

Chris Martinez
Better Car People – Director of Operations
Home of Overnight BDC
704-408-8250 cell