BetterAppointments for OnStar answers your OnStar leads for you so you don’t have to. Here’s how it works.

An OnStar notification is sent to your CRM. We work alongside the CRM and grab the OnStar lead. Next, we send an interactive email to your customer which allows them to set appointments based on the dates and times you provide. We then offer your customer additional services. With BetterAppointments, your OnStar leads are always responded to. Once the appointment is set, we send the information back into your CRM and to you. You’ll instantly see if an appointment is set or declined.

When that daily rush of OnStar leads comes in, we answer every lead in less than 10 minutes. In other words, you keep working and your customers are taken care of.

Better Appointments
Live people 24/7/365

Functional on any device

Live people 24/7/365

Increases Engagement opportunities

Live people 24/7/365

40% of customers chose additional services

Live people 24/7/365

22% increase in RO

BetterAppointments for OnStar simplifies the service appointment process for the dealership and the vehicle owner by providing a quick and easy way to set an appointment and choose additional services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BetterAppointments work with every CRM?

Pretty much. It has complete functionality with over 30 CRMs. So contact us to see if we work with yours.

Is BetterAppointments an iMR turnkey approved product?

Absolutely! We wouldn’t have it any other way.

There will be a huge increase in OnStar leads. How will BetterAppointments help?

Think of us as your automotive stress reliever. We make sure all of your leads are answered. In fact, your customers will have the opportunity to set appointments themselves and even choose additional services!

We already have/are putting in place a Service BDC. Why do we need BetterAppointments?

With BetterAppointments, we can take your current BDC and make it more effective.

We like contacting our customers personally. Why use BetterAppointments?

Here’s the deal. We don’t take away the control of your leads or the contact with your customers. Customers can either choose to make the appointment via BetterAppointments or they can use the click to call feature and be put in direct contact with you.

We have a Quick Lube, so we don’t set appointments for oil changes.

Don’t worry. We can modify the response for Quick Lubes in any manner you would like.

We already have an online scheduling tool. How is BetterAppointments different?

Great question. BetterAppointments is much more than a scheduling tool. Customers choose additional services and will be surveyed if they choose not to come in. In addition to this, you will receive a daily report with every OnStar lead, which customers opened it up, and the responses.