3 Reasons Your Service Department Can't Live Without YouTube

How many times have you YouTubed a problem to find a solution? We have  been doing this for years--it's definitely not new or exciting. But it is really effective. I wonder how many of your service customers do a Google or YouTube search when something is wrong with thier vehicle?

ThinkWithGoogle recently completed a study where they found that of smartphone users, 91% turn to their devices for “how-to” advice.  67% of all millennials stated they could find a YouTube video on anything they wanted to learn.

That includes vehicle repair and maintenance.

It's time to leverage this at the dealership level--especially if you have not yet started this journey. YouTube is not an up and coming technology--it is one of the most trusted and used sites when gathering information and viewing tutorials. Are you leveraging this? Are you uploading how-to and educational videos to drive people to your dealership?

Here are three ways you will benefit from using YouTube in your Service Department:


As an Introduction

Service can see the biggest return when using YouTube. People are searching how to fix just about anything. Your service technicians or advisors can record a mini tutorial on how to know when it is time to get the belts checked. They can show the consumer what a worn brake pad looks like and how difficult it is to take them off (which is why they need you).

Service can also use YouTube to introduce themselves to the community, show off the service lane, or highlight satisfied customers.

This does not need to be done with a camera crew and special lighting. This can be done with a couple guys, a good phone camera, and a YouTube account.

To Increase Transparency

The biggest benefit for using YouTube in the service lane is transparency. People hate going to get their car serviced as much as they hate going to the dentist—and much of this comes from the fear of the unknown.

Are they going to tell me something is wrong when I don’t think it is? How much are they going to bill me? Did they really work THAT many hours on my car?

YouTube videos give your customer an all access backstage pass to what you are doing when you inspect and repair vehicles. How transparent is that?!

And if you are concerned about showing your customers what goes on in the lane, then you have bigger things to worry about.

The more you can post and share, the more transparent you will be.

The more transparent you are, the more confident and comfortable people will be with your dealership and your service. If you utilize YouTube correctly, you will be able to minimize or almost complete eradicate the transparency issue.

As a Marketing Approach

Finally-- this is free marketing and increases SEO for your dealership. The more content published, the more people will organically find your videos and see you as an expert in the field. Put out solid content, use smart and specific SEO, and research what your customers need to know. When you are the expert, they will seek you and your dealership out.

The bonus is the only thing it costs is a little time.

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Tippin' Our Hat to the Union County Community Shelter: Boots and Bot Ties

BetterCarPeople loves the Union County Community Shelter, and this past weekend we were able to celebrate AND raise money with the shelter at the annual Boots and Bow Ties event held at Aw Shucks Farm in Monroe. 


BetterCarPeople and Big Ring Interactive were Presenting Sponsors for this yearly event to raise funds and awareness for UCCS. The night was filled with country festival  food, dancing, silent auctions, and human fooseball. 

Gypsy Spirit educated and entertained with trivia, line dancing, and donated a basket for the silent auction.

Tony Belk and Kyle Dunn showing off thier boots and bow ties!

The Cotton Gin in Aw Shucks Farm was a beautiful backdrop for the hoedown!  There were belly-dancing cowgirls and a massive silent auction.

Jason and Ginger Walle (Big Ring Interactive and Heart for Monroe) were showing their love for The Union County Community Shelter. Big Ring Interactive was a presenting sponsor for Boots and Bowties.

The Gypsy Spirit Tribe was there and ready to entertain! 

IMG_20150919_224858502 (1).jpg

Better Car People was honored to sponsor this event and will continue to partner with Union County Community Shelter to feed the hungry and raise awareness concerning homelessness.

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Women in the Auto Industry: 5 Sites You Cannot Ignore.

Men should read this, too!

This is an exciting time to be a woman in the automotive industry. The rise of women leaders is happening at an exponential rate, and never has there been a time with so many resources available to guide and mentor each other.

Still, women make up less than ¼ of the automotive industry, and the majority of that is clerical and secretarial.

But that is a different discussion for a different day--let’s focus on the good stuff.

Coming off the high heals of the Inaugural Women in Automotive conference, I am heading to Detroit next week for the General Motors Women in Retail conference. Many corporations and dealerships recognize the importance of women in this space and see the strengths we bring.  

This is not new, but it is exciting and getting a lot of momentum right now. So I compiled a list of resources (for both men and women) that I find helpful when navigating the automotive world of today. These are not “How to talk to women co-workers,” or “ How to relate with the emotional woman.” I think that condescension has left in the building in regards to gender.

Theses sites are empowering, factual, and researched based sites to help women in the field as well as consumers.

And this is pretty great information to share with customers and well as co-workers!

Sites to Check Out

Catalyst:The Knowledge Center

Women in the Automotive Industry

This site is definitely for the research geeks like myself. It has great statistics on occupations, work life, and longevity for women in the industry. It gives a 30,000 ft view of the landscape, with opportunities to dig deeper if you desire.

There are also some international numbers for comparison.

Women Auto Know

(Get it? Like “Women ought to…. Yeah, you get it)

This is an incredible site for both consumer and Service Department. Audra Fordin, founder and 4th generation owner/operator of a service department in Flushing, NY, built this company with the mindset of connecting women with great technicians. This is a sensitive spot with women who are responsible for getting repairs done on a car, but may have little knowledge or expertise in the area. Everyone wants to feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and safe when getting repairs. And this site provides that help.

They promise a list of dealerships who put the customer and the customer experience first.

Even if your dealership is not registered, I would check periodically as customers post reviews, comments and concerns.

The Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation

This organization, founded in 1993, has the mission to create a space where women can not only live, but succeed in the automotive industry. They offer scholarships and provide ways for women to get the education needed to move upward in their automotive careers.

There is a membership option and meetings occur with all aspects of the industry.

Definitely something to check out!


AskPatty is a great resource for anyone looking for answers to automotive questions. With everyone from Certified Mechanics to Digital Specialists, askpatty.com provides one stop shopping for wome looking for cars, looking for advice, or looking for more information.


One of my favorite go-to sites for all things automotive. I appreciate Anne Flemming’s researched approach and insightful, yet attainable articles. The His and Her reviews of articles give multiple vantage points into the particulars of the vehicle and is one section I always make sure to read.

Besides vehicle reviews, there is also dealer reviews, service reviews, blog articles, and content that your customers would love.  Check it out.

Auto Cheat Sheet:

10 Women Who Shook the Auto Industry

This site is more entertaining than anything else, but I added it because it shows the length of time and the depth of knowledge women have had in the industry for quite some time. Starting in 1886 to today, this takes you through women who had added a radically different element to the automotive industry.

And rocked while doing it.

Take Away:

If you are not familiar with these sites, and many other sites like them, you need to be. There is a lot of information out there to help guide and direct both women in automotive and customers. You want to be leading this movement, not trying to catch up!


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6 Metrics to Measure Training

How much time does your dealership spend on training? If you are like many, it is not much. There are multiple obligations and duties pulling you in different directions.

And when you are training, you are not selling.

You know, though, how important it is to teach and coach your staff on the right process, the right procedures, and the right words that sell.  Training needs to be completed quickly and effectively.

There are key elements that make training stick, but today's may be the most important, which is why I left it for last in my series: 8 Elements of a Successful BDC .


How can you know if you are successful without measurement?

You need solid metrics that are quantifiable so you can see where you were, where you are, and where you are going.

I think this is where some automotive trainings may fall a little short. They get you pumped. They get you to make more calls. But what is the most important aspect of a call? It’s not the volume. It’s the contacts. It’s the information gathered. It’s the appointments set.

So, here is how to measure your training for effectiveness and see where growth happened, and where adjustments need to be made.

Step One:

Become best friends with your CRM, DMS--anywhere your leads are funneled to. Know it inside and out. If you are in digital or are a manager of digital, then you should know how to do this in your sleep. However….we know that is not always the case. And that is okay.

But it’s really not.

So get to know these technologies intimately. Call your rep. if you are intimidated. Get some tutorials. Watch some webinars. Do something. These technologies are where all the magic happens and you need to know every secret so that you can manage it.

Step Two:

Run reports before you do add any new training or techniques. You need to see your baseline (regardless of how ugly) so that you can see true improvement. The best is to run a 3 month report cycle and see an average.

Step Three:

Analyze the reports and look for areas of success and areas for improvement. If you know you are rocking a certain area, figure out why. What are you doing to be so successful? Then find where you are doing poorly and analyze that as well.

Step Four:

Goals. Create goals for you and your team. If you are a tad progressive, call your team in and have them brainstorm goals with you. When there is ownership, there is higher productivity and buy in.

You know what goals are non-negotiables, so make sure to add them in. If you need a higher call volume, by how much? Give a quantifiable number--one that is realistic--so that it can be measured.

Define your success, and then reach for it.

Step Five:

Have benchmarks. Once you have created goals, set a reasonable time period to reach these goals. Three months is a pretty good span of time as it represents a quarter of the year. If your goals should be met in three months, then have benchmarks at each month to see if things are going as planned or if minor adjustment needs to be made. Automotive is notorious for starting a new initiative and then abandoning ship after a month if the results were not abundantly evident.

Give it a little time.

I’m not saying a year, but by three months, you should see you are going in a positive or negative direction. But the monthly check is nice for either reassurance or direction.

At the end of three months, take all of your data and compare it to the first three month average you saved at the beginning. If you do not see an upward trend in the specific areas you wanted improvement, reflect. Was it process (materials), product (training), or person (trainer or participants)?

Step Six:

Review, revise, and do it again. There is no way to have continuous growth if you stay in the same place--even if it is successful. Make new goals, stretch your team in reachable ways.

Take Aways

  • Know where you came from, know where you are, and know where you are going. The more focused you are, the more realistic your goals will be.

  • Be agile--be able to pivot when needed

  • As a manager, you set the tone for training. What you say, verbally and nonverbally, will dictate the buy in of your team (even if they are not 100% with you). Your positive and enthusiastic attitude towards the training will rub off onto your team.

Want to read up on how to create the best trainings?

Here you go!

Installment 3

Installment 2

Installment 1


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Tools, Techniques, and Training for a Successful BDC

Setting up a successful Business Development Team is critical for many reasons. We know that consumers are shopping online (95% of people use the internet to shop for cars, and they are only visiting 1.5 dealerships before purchase according to a recent Auto Trader survey). Approximately 50% of all leads go unanswered. For that reason, dealers are coming to realize that developing up a customer experience center for your dealership (aka BDC, or as we call it Business Development Team) is invaluable-- even a necessity in the world that begins first online. Relationships and experience ultimately still sell, and fostering a mixture of both online and face-to-face brings the best potential for growth and success.

In our discussion of the 8 most valuable things needed to train a successful Business Development Team, we talked about the importance of time, and  the importance of the right people in place to make things work.

The next element is having the tools, techniques, and tutoring in place to make your process flow. As we all know, it is much harder to dig a 3 foot hole with a spork than it is with a shovel, and it is much harder fix a broken system with the wrong tools and approach.


Let’s only focus on one set of tools, because they are that important. They are like the giant briefcase of wrenches that my Dad always had in his car. He used them incessantly and for everything.

These tools are not sexy or magical or new. They are proven and reliable.

Scripts/ Word Tracks/ Call Guides.

If you have these in a binder on a shelf, and no one is using them, grab them and dust them off. Then evaluate them and get some current scripts in place. Scripts are not seen as progressive and shiny, but they are definitely effective. The words that come out of your mouth are important--and they need to be consistent, welcoming, and actionable. And the message needs to be the same regardless of who is saying it in your dealership.

Next, make sure that you have scripting for the main types of communication: Outbound, Inbound, and Voicemail messages.  

Most dealers know it makes sense to have Outbound and Inbound scripts. You should know what you are saying before you call a customer. But what happens when they don’t answer? Are you prepared for that?

Voicemail scripts are often forgotten or pieced together quickly, but the reality is they are incredibly important.

Think about the number of outbound calls you make a day, how many customers you actually speak with, and how many voicemails you are leaving.

You will only reach about 10% of the people, while leaving voicemails for 90%.

Make sure the voice mail message is strong, to the point, and actionable. A bad voicemail will leave the customer thinking you are unprepared or unprofessional.

And they most likely will not call you back.

Voicemail scripts will also allow you to coach your teams. As you spot check your CRM, how many times do you see “LM or LVM”--not once, but several times for one customer. For all you know, they have left the exact same message of no value every time. However, if you see “Left VM #2” or “Left VM #6,” then you have a snapshot of what is being said and it will keep everyone on track. Need help getting started with this? Just ask us and we would be happy to send something over to you!

So, get those scripts in place.


Techniques are a fancy word for processes. And we know that process is key to success. Talent is an incredible asset, but talent without process is pointless.

Here are some questions to evaluate your process and see what may need some addition/adjustment:

  • Are you utilizing your CRM to the best extent?
  • Do you have situational processes in place?
  • How soon do you contact a customer after receiving their lead, is first contact by email or phone?
  • What is your follow up process? How many days do you wait in between contacts?
  • How quickly do you move to the “still interested” messages?

You may already have scripting and processes in place, however without communication your team with neither know or care that either exists. The scripts and process should be reviewed at least every 6 months to make sure they are still effective and yielding the desired results. 


The last aspect is what we refer to as tutoring. You need to practice, evaulate, and re-adjust to ensure you are not only doing what is expected, but doing it really well. That is what will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Involve your team with role play on a daily basis. Work with them to memorize the scripts.There is nothing is worse that having to listen to someone read off of a paper instead of having a conversation with you.

Remember-- you will not be able to coach your team if you don’t know the material. Be the leader and not the dictator. Have your team practice with each other for a set amount of time every day until they are more than confident. They can take turns, come up with objections, and then practice overcoming them. They can listen to tone and inflection--all of these things make a difference. And that difference could be more appointments and additional services.

Now, you are most likely doing some of these things, but there is always room for addition and improvement. Review your scripts. Make sure your voicemail scripts ROCK. And get some processes in place that will reinforce your efforts.

And then review and repeat.

Feel free to email me to help get you started!


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Women in Automotive: My 4 Favorite Things

When I first heard there was going to be a Women in Automotive conference, my interest was piqued. I know there are more women than ever before gaining ground in the industry, and I wanted to get hear the insights first hand.

I did a little research and found the WIA Board Partners. And what I learned is that these 5 women are not only leaders in the industry, but also leaders and a voice for women.  I want to thank Christy Roman, Subi Ghosh, Joni Stuker, Jody DeVere, and Kathy Gilbert for having the foresight to realize not only the impact women have on this industry, but also the potential.

I was sold and I knew I had to be at this historic event.

Being part of something new is always exciting. You feel like an insider with inside information.

But being part of something groundbreaking is truly exhilarating. And that is how I would describe the Inaugural Women in Automotive conference.


I am new-ish to the industry and was fully aware as I made my head-first dive into this that it is a male dominated industry. I toughened up (as much as I could) and prepared myself for change.

What WIA allowed me to realize is that as a woman, I am uniquely qualified for this industry--girly-ness and all! I was told to embrace who I was and stop trying to accommodate.

Stop being the notetaker! (Unless you are the secretary. Then you should definitely take notes!)

Stop apologizing.

Start doing.

These statements--although seemingly simple--were incredibly powerful and delivered by powerful women.

I originally tried to write an overview of my experience, but that was way too long--resembling a novella. So, here are the 4 vignettes of my time that I will take away from this trailblazing conference.

#1: The Sea of Women

If you are a woman in the industry, you know what it feels like to constantly walk into a room of men. Not that is is awful, but when you do see a woman, you are like “Yaass, Sister--I’m not the only one!”

Walking into the ornate Grand Ballroom, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of intelligent, hardworking, successful women. And these women were eager to talk, share, motivate, and mentor.

That, in and of itself, was pure awesomeness.

#2: The Speakers

I have been to many conferences and I cannot even begin to count the number of keynote speakers I have been subjected to. Some have been entertaining, and some have made me wish for an act of God to make it stop.

These women were, by far, some of the most articulate, poised, and prepared speakers I have heard in quite some time. Their subjects were relevant and I was taking notes furiously.

Tammy Darvish, Allison Estes, and Julie Staub kicked things off on Wednesday with three very different, engaging and powerful messages. Tammy focused on surrounding yourself with uncommon people who have common goals. Allison's presentation highlighted why the dealership experience is so important and included exciting and scary data (depending on your belief of the importance of treating customers well). Finally, Julie Staub ended the first general session talking about the different generations purchasing cars, and why millennials are important not only as purchasers, but as employees.

Powerful, intelligent women. Engaging presentations.

And this was just the start.

The Breakout Sessions were equally as powerful. The panel discussions allowed me to hear from the people in the trenches everyday. There were practical questions, honest answers, and genuine banter.

One of my personal favorites was when Lisa Copeland, Managing Partner, Fiat Alfa Romeo of Austin, spoke of her success and brought her mental toughness coach with her. Lisa and Steve Siebold engaged in this beautiful joint storytelling where Steve broke apart one of Lisa’s success stories and highlighted the actions that are replicable. When they finished, I was ready to take over the world! (or at least my niche of the industry).

#3: How our language was redefined.

I am just going to list the words that were used to describe the women in the industry. These words are powerful, empowering, and just plain brilliant:

Bad Ass










Yes, please. All of the above.


#4: Work Hard/Play Hard:

This industry is not easy. There are long hours, stress, and politics involved in everyday life. So it is nice to have a moment to enjoy life and the people around you.

Which is what we definitely did. It all kicked off on Tuesday night with a cocktail party at Ember sponsored by TrueCar. The place was filled with music, laughter, and extraordinary food and drinks.

Wednesday night we were surprised with a live concert from none other than the Jersey Boys! ALLY sponsored that event and created the unique purple drinks:)

Finally, on Thursday we were entranced by Jade Simmons, a motivational speaker and concert pianist. Her talent, humor, and spunk were energizing and empowering. And I definitely left with a signed book.

SiSTeR Technologies sponsored free makeovers and hair stylists to make you feel beautiful. After your makeover, you could head over to get a free headshot so your online presence can look as professional as possible. (No more car selfies:) Thank you PenFed Credit Union.

PS--It is not vapid or conceited to care about these things! Caring about your outward appearance (but not making it your worth) is important, too.  And the new look, for me, was a definite bonus!

So, for the first time in a long time, I can truly say that it was worth being out of the office for a few days to not only experience this event, but take part in history. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I know that this event changed me in positive and impactful ways.

Take Aways:

  • Women need to support each other in this industry.

  • Powerful Words = Powerful Actions

  • WIA will be even bigger and better next year. Make sure you register as soon as it is announced. That means you, too, MEN!


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8 Elements of a Successful BDC: Part 2

8 Things Your Dealership Needs to Know Right Now

Training is important. But creating positive habits from that training matters even more. Anyone who says it's not either hates progress or hates money.

And really, who hates money?

If you want your team to move forward and your dealership to stay relevant, you need to have solid coaching that creates repeatable habits.

That is why we started talking about this last week and introduced the 8 Things you really need to do to train/coach effectively and see improvement. We are not talking about that training you had before. You know what I mean. Someone came in (or maybe you went off site), you sat in an uncomfortable chair for hours, and maybe listened to why you sucked.

That is not helpful.

Or maybe you were in charge of the training, and the team kind of listened--sort of--while on their phone, checking leads, checking facebook, and staring at the clock.

It’s not your fault. I blame distractions. And games. And the internet. And Al Gore.

Let’s talk about what is actually helpful- 8 Things that will make training relevant and help it stick better than ever before. This way you can remember the awesome tips and tools the coaches are introducing, and you can implement them back at the ranch.

This week’s edition talks about putting the right team together--Because...Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

The Right Team:

The right team is critical for your dealership.

Imagine Hans Solo without Chewbacca. Hall without Oates. Ricky Bobby without Cal Naughton, Jr.

These teams, together, created magic. Sometimes they had spats, but they always turned things around and found thier way.

You need a team with that kind of sticking power.

When you choose your team for your BDC, or your Customer Experience Team, you need to make sure that you are choosing people for their talent, skills, and attributes. Not solely on their availability and relationship with someone in the dealership.

Make sure to choose people with the soft skills necessary to be the face of your dealership. If someone gets tongue tied every time he tries to talk, the BDC is probably not the right fit for them. Choose right and choose well.


This is also ridiculously important. There is no magic dust or unicorn sitting on a rainbow that will make your BDC 300 percent more profitable.

If someone tries to sell you on that, run. Run fast and hold on to your wallet.

Training is a hot commodity right now because so many people WANT to do things the right way. Sometimes the right way is not as clear, though, and we look to professionals to guide us. There is nothing wrong with that--as long as your BS meter is not broken and you can see through it all. There are some great trainings and some that are one and done.

One and done never works. Never. Ever.

There needs to be consistent repetition and measurement. Without these in place, you don’t know what needs to be adjusted and re-trained.

And YOU need to buy in.

Yes, you--manager, director, GM--you need to believe in the training enough to support it when people complain that it is too hard. Or it is taking too long. OR that the video is boring.

Without the “top-down” approach, there will be very little buy-in from the rest of the group.

Take Aways:

  • Choose the RIGHT team

  • Choose the RIGHT Trainers/Coaches

  • Choose to Buy-In (from the top down)

Simple, right? Not always, but luckily we are here to help!


Check out next week’s post on the tools needed to help you be successful!


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