Better Response. Better Message. Better Results.

Our products, Overnight BDC Sales, Overnight BDC Service, and Better Appointments are designed to provide dealerships with a compelling first response to their Internet leads. This response sets the customers expectations while improving contact ratio. Better Car People uses real people and technology to respond to over 200,000 leads per month, with an average response time under 10 minutes. In order to be the best response company in the world, we provide the best response. Better Car People: Process Powered by people.

Overnight BDC - Sales

A better solution to answering your dealership’s Internet Sales Leads at uncomfortable hours.

Overnight BDC - Service

A better solution for responding to Internet Service Requests, Parts Inquires and OnStar Notifications.

Better Appointments

A better solution for scheduling Service Appointments for your OnStar leads without the customer ever filling out a form.

Some of our Valued Clients

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